Friday, 27 July 2007

Teachers - A Tribute

As a young mind in this world, I wonder to know myself and this world; 
The path who shows me is no one else, but only the teacher. 
They make us realize our potential, 
They are like catalysts, They accelerate us to our goals; cautioning us to be aware of various holes, to come. 
Teachers are present all over the the world, situated in different schools, classes, divisions, having one divine vision, to mold young people like us into fully matured citizens. 
Teachers give us something priceless, for which we can never repay, 
How do we proudly call ourselves students ? due to these teachers who are nothing but excellent. 
When with studies we are done, your work has only begun; 
You continue to train and teach, Fame and glory so that our nation can gain, 
Each individual tries to become; Good, Better, and the BEST their greatest joy, when students outgo, defeated by their student, their victory. 
Great teachers not only teach, they inspire leading to fulfill our greatest desires. 
They are like the shining sun, giving us the heat and light like the earth we revolve around them, to beautify ourselves. 
Roses maybe red, Violets maybe blue, Great Teachers like you, are indeed few. 
White as a dove, with hearts full of love; To teachers like you, We students salute.

P.S. Meet the former and most admired president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and gave him this on seeing was very please. See here.


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sherene gracias said...

loved ur poem.u r & will always remain one of my best students. AMAZING WORK KEEP IT UP.
Tr. Sherene gracias