Monday, 3 September 2007

Walk to the forest ..... Home of the Wild

This was the most 'learning' part of the day i can say .... ya masti and fun was there like always .... as mentioned earlier my particular group consisting of 8 - 15 enjoyed, learned and saw the most, as we were the most luckiest ones to get one of the best guides around with us !!

Mrs.Flora, our geography teacher .One of the best teachers in our school and liked by all students, as she believes that maintaining a note book when you're in 10th is simply a waste of time .... well atleast due to this (other than her cool teaching style) why she's preferred :)

With us was Ms.Pranoti, a Botany student ... more than just a guide and teacher, she was like a friend to us, laughing joking along with telling and informing us about different trees, herbs and other 'wild' aspects in nature.


We started out walk by first visiting Usgao village

We students of X-H at the usgao dam, Santosh sir with us (left, green T-shirt)


This Dam provides water to Vasai, Virar and Nalasopara ...

What a beauty !! a 'painted' grasshopper

More of them !

A baby dragon-fly .... so cute :)


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