Sunday, 30 March 2008


THE SEED is a short film by JOE HAHN, DJ and Music Video Director of LINKIN PARK.

SUNG (Will Yun Lee) is a homeless veteran losing his mind on the banks of the L.A. River. Pursued by unseen forces, fighting unseen foes, Sun is ostensibly "just another lunatic." But as his invisible war continues, under bridges and in tunnels, we are taken deeper and deeper into Sung's nightmare and mind. Into a nightmare of conspiracy, cloaking and the government's unseen war. Sung struggles to fight through what is visible to him, yet invisible to the world around him. Ordinarily, someone like this is perceived as "crazy." Beyond what we can see, beyond what we don't want to, lies...THE SEED.

For watching the trailer and making of The Seed, check out the LPN widget.
The Seed is available for buying from iTunes. Released on 25/03/2008.
For those of you who can't buy it, you can watch it here

Click here to buy and watch Joe Hahn's short film, "The Seed," starring Will Yun Lee, available on iTunes now. The short also features 4 original music compositions by Joe Hahn as well as the song "There They Go" by Fort Minor. Also, watch the trailer for "The Seed" at and add it as a MySpace friend.

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