Thursday, 1 April 2010

100 - From the start till now

 Ok so this is my 100th post here in my blog, so I decided to make it special, by writing about how I started this blog and bit more. If you manage to have a look at my initial posts, you would see that they are photographs taken by me (and some others too) during the camp at 'Seek Him at Sikkim', which I attended in May 2007, roughly almost three years ago! It was another great and different experience, awesome people from all around the country together for the camp, trek and travel there.

 What made me more enthusiastic was not only the beauty of mother nature, but also the enthusiasm should by the folks in different ways. I should first owe my thanks to my friend cum mentor in this case, Rohit Hedge who is a great wildlife photographer himself (hobby). Wildlife photography has always been one of my favorite hobby apart from reading and gaming, and I always carry a camera/phone even today, to catch the beauty offered by life.

 This led me to blogging, where internet was just booming among teenagers and others in the world, and some weirdos like me who were already in many social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Youtube etc. who did nothing but played some stupid game or the other, and already bored of them which the world was catching interest in. Something new is always needed. Experimentalism runs in the blood. This led me to start blogging. Amazed by the numerous blogs ranging from a variety of topics, I decided to make one of my own - thus was born Expedition around the Megacosm.

 Today I enjoy blogging a lot. From photography, it has given way to many interesting stuff like articles, documentaries, events ... lot more ! Reading blogs from various people, writing/posting my own, this all just adds to the joy of knowing. Blogging has become like a social network itself. Many people (including celebrities) keep    blogs up to date, which has become a great way of sharing news and events. Sharing with the world, is what everything here is about ! No wonder leading to a variety of websites, for eg Twitter, which can be considered a miniature blogging site limited to 140 characters. (This reminds me of the war between Mike Shinoda and Phoenix of Linkin Park, Blogging vs. Twittering) :) 

Some of my top favourite blogs -

 Speaking of blogs, do you know from where does the term 'blog' actually come from ? Its comes from 'web log', just what it really is. So have you got a blog yet ?


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