Monday, 5 December 2011

Mission Accomplished

Thanks to my good timing, Vh1 India and Viacom18, managed to win a pass for the premier of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Red Carpet and special fan screening here in IMAX Wadala, Mumbai. My lucky day indeed, got to meet Tom Cruise, Paula Patton and Anil Kapoor who had come to promote the film and the main reason for my and 99% if everyone to go :D

And that was the start... with my entry ticket to the event!

The Day 

Paula Patton

 And finally Mr. Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise arrives

And Mission Accomplished! He was nice with the fans, gave autographs and took pics with everyone (the latter depended on a lot of luck thanks to the rush, dam media and security but he was good nonetheless)
Even gave me an autograph the second time when the first didn't come proper.

 This is specially for my Kalyani :)

Mr. Anil Kapoor was nothing of less than suprised when he saw this '24' poster of mine and asked everyone how did we get this. Got to speak with him specially for a moment for this, with a BIG thank you, autograph and pic with my compliment :)

 Finally  with a few fellow co-winners whom I met and befriended. That is the specialty of Mumbai :)
Followed by the movie which was no doubt good. Check my review at Imdb here.
A great day to remember indeed! :)


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