Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Review, 2013 Preview, Life... eh fuck you?

I'm in this "writer's block" phase which is happening to me quite often these months, but my friend Firoze told me that "[this] is just a very lame excuse, keep your mind a devils workshop and you will do wonders."

I always tried to implement this from there on, but so far was quite unsuccessful. Perhaps with the rise of my regular critic/rant/bullshit I post on facebook, twitter and probably everywhere else, or it's just simply because I haven't been fully organized as I once was.

Coming to the annual year end, beginning hot topic of new years (and my specialty of straying away from topics which comes quite handy at times) new years (or birthdays as for the matter) never really excited me. Perhaps I should be less of a sociopath, but that is another story.

I have tried to do this for the last 2 years, but in the end found it not so worthy but now I thought I will do it anyways, since this was a great year in terms of many my passions/favourites like video games and movies but probably one of the worst years in my personal life, and the best in me (or anyone) always arises from the worst. So here is my 2012 broken down and what I look forward to next year.

My top video games of the year:

Max Payne 3
The game is fucking hard, but so worth it. I was so looking forward to this since a long time. The original Max Payne must be one of the first games I ever played and totally fell in love with. Playing the legendary Max Payne once again is like meeting and embracing an old friend :)
For me, Payne is the facial icon of video games (apart from Mario)

Hands down. I was completely stroked when it was first announced at E3 and it did surely deliver. Going around and killing everyone was easy and fun, but the real challenge was to be the 'ghost' stealthy, methodical and power to look past the common perception for true justice which very much resonates in real life.

Assassin's Creed 3
Who doesn't love AC? This is overall the best in the series yet, although the story was inconsistent in which the Ezio Trilogy still shines as the "flagship". But AC3 was nothing short of pure awesomeness. Freedom being the main theme, it beautifully reflects that what you want may not always be what you should or what you are supposed to do.

Mass Effect 3
The final chapter in Commander Shepard's epic journey and battle against the reapers. Despite some flaws, it is still one of the best games out there and I loved it. Don't get me started on the ending controversy though.

Hitman: Absolution
Agent 47: Enough said. Continues to be the most badass agent/assassin ever. A challenging game being true to the namesake and franchise and legacy of Hitman.

Far Cry 3
Best FPS of the year and overall a very enjoyable game. My 30th stealthy raid mission still felt new, exciting and challenging. And one of those games where I was actually at times of afraid what can happen. Like a tiger attacking you when you chase a pig (yeah I know, that really did happen with me)

As for 2013, I'm most looking forward to BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 6 (PC). Also hoping Grand Theft Auto V (PC) makes it soon enough.

2012 in TV:

Game of Thrones
Season 2. As expected epic. Just don't ask, go read the books and see it already. This is the epic shit, we are living in a similar age when Tolkien wrote the epic The Lord of the Rings, in our current time this epic is known as A Song of Ice and Fire.

Sons of Anarchy
Season 5 is just pure epic. Each season gets better than the previous (which is a rare thing) The most badass show on TV and sadly also one of the most underrated out there. Very consistent and personal story and reflects the lives of these (not so) 'common' people/outlaws/vigilantes/bikers and their struggle with their lives, families and what they do. I'm trying to make it reach out to most people here, so you should go see it if you haven't.

After a relatively disappointing Season 6 last year, this year Season 7 turned the tide which is not normally seen. Dexter did amaze and was most in his most vulnerable state. And Debra? I see Emmys ringing already.

Spartacus: Vengeance
Andy and his brilliance was missed, but Liam did a very great job handling his place as the titular, greatest gladiator to walk on earth. And who in their right minds don't want to see all the sexiness (and gore)?

Breaking Bad
Just badass. Heisenberg- All hail the king! I'm already sad it's ending.

After a very successful season, this one was simply mind blowing. Quite literally in fact.

The Newsroom
Best new show of 2012 and one of the finest made. I strongly recommend this also to be watched, just can't describe it in few words. Shows the 'inside' of true journalism.

Also a nod to Person of Interest, a show of course brilliant as made by a Nolan; Arrow, great take on a favourite comic character which is well executed and can't wait for more; and Elementary, the second modern take on the second world's greatest detective (well all know the first, if you don't, google is your best friend) which no one asked for, but happy we got it anyways.

And finally in movies.

The Dark Knight Rises
I have been waiting for this movie for over 2 years and the day I saw it first (among the countless times, must be atleast 10 in theaters and a couple of times at home yet) was worth every second. Simply mind blowing. I remember actually shedding a few tears in some particular scenes which perhaps an old fan would get. Despite some very strong polarizing reactions and countless incorrectly regarded as goofs/plot holes which I don't need or going to justify myself, this is one of the finest films ever made, Well this was the most anticipated movie in the past decade so that speaks for itself in a way.
I'm going to sound further biased by not writing about any other movie unlike my video games or TV list, but that's not the only reason as India is not much of a good place for movie buffs as more than half of them either have a very limited release or screened months later. Worse, never and all the mainstream crap have a bigger release here, oh the irony.

A nod to the others which include The Avengers, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Skyfall, Life of Pi, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Looper, The Amazing Spider-Man and can't wait to see Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Zero Dark Thirty, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Wreck-It Ralph.
For 2013 releases, most anticipated is Man of Steel, along with Pacific Rim, A Good Day To Die Hard, The Wolverine, Kick-Ass 2, Iron Man 3 and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Sadly I don't read books (novels, comics, all of them) anymore (yeah including my curriculum which I'm atleast supposed to, in case you were still wondering) which I hopefully should resume, just don't know when.

And now finally coming to the real world, this year had its ups and downs, and more of the downs, as I always believe to see the bigger and complete picture, things don't always look good (and I'm keeping it purely about my personal life, for social/political rants check out my networks)

The beginning of the year was relatively mediocre. A sluggish trip to the north, boring months of regular monotonous life, things grew worse for me being so great as I screwed up royally in my academic life and got a one year free vacation to clear off the pending backlog. Initially with depression and pissed, soon I realized they were always present and just in different forms and it was my perception and response to them which made all the difference. There I was, the not so smart-ass aware of everything yet did (and still doing) nothing. As it is, my life was heading in no direction and that just escalated with it.

But in a way I was at peace, not answerable to anyone (ok I was, most of the time we all are, I just didn't care) I had time to clear my head and think what I want to do with my life (and I'm still thinking). In course of time it dawned to me I don't do many of the things which I loved doing anymore, seldom to none like reading, writing, traveling, exploring and capturing the world. And I'm starting to lose interest in the only things left which I currently indulge in. In short, I'm afraid I'm losing my sanity.

Atleast I broke many so called myths too, one being a person surviving without a cell phone. I found that one really stupid wherever I heard that, I spent a quarter of the year without one at all, albeit I admit it is dam difficult living in our city/time but I stop to wonder about all those underprivileged ones. Then I see people living in the slums too having access to them (and worse, playing mainstream crap songs loud on speaker setups that even I barely have) I think to myself, dam the world really has gone ahead, even if not in many areas which is supposed to.

I was never a peoples person or socially engrossing one, I can't say I have any best or close friends, don't get along with any of my family members or share a worthwhile human connection with anyone. I have sincere reverence for many, but that's just about it. I'm just a sort of fat, hairy freakishly looking fellow who does want he wants (knowing of the consequences, but still does it anyways, the dark side is powerful to resist) but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful or the all negative asshole who has nothing good to say. While writing this I could recollect atleast 50+ names who were at the tip of my tongue who played some role in my life this year, whether big or small and I'm grateful to all of them (atleast I have good memory, sort of).

The first best thing which happened was the LIVING THINGS pre-release listening party in June courtesy of the awesome guys at EMI Music India. First time met with some of my guys and gals at LPIU and at EMI and these are some amazing folks. Invited by a music company to listen to your most favourite bands new release with pizza, beer and fellow music loving folks? Yes for infinity please!

In July was privileged enough (ok I was being modest, I fucking won four passes for the premier) to see the premier of my (and the worlds) most anticipated movie- The Dark Knight Rises and meeting fellow guys of the official TDKR community, It was splendid! And again at Comic-Con Mumbai had a blast. One of those times when you totally become bankrupt you see.

August, saw one of my most favourite bands Poets Of The Fall LIVE! Had an adventure going to Pune for the gig, not knowing anything, just getting my lazy ass off here and going for it at any cost and the trip was so worth it. Made some cool buddies there and had a blast.

This year revived my blogging spirit, having met many amazing bloggers throughout the year, main courtesy of Indiblogger, BlogAdda and others. Learnt a lot of stuff varying from one world to another, and met many amazing people who from continue to inspire me to putting a simple (or evil) smile on my face. (See I can write some good things too)

This year was quite surprising in this regard as I met/befriended (hopefully) A LOT of people right from the beginning to the end. Though I seriously suck at this, but I'm thankful for all the people who have entered my life, still there in some form, gone away, and whether you have inspired me in many ways or just put a simple smile on my face, man/brother/whatever hugs to all you of you.
(And unlike which some people whom I have seen a lot saying looking forward to the people who are yet to enter, no I'm not because that is just plain stupid. That doesn't even make sense!)

"Dream big, work hard and don't be an asshole." - Mike Shinoda

I don't believe in new years, and if I ever had my celebration it would consist of a pizza, some beer and a good movie, but that I do almost everyday, regardless of how messed up my life or the world is. Welcome each day as a new challenge (or simply don't give a fuck) and everyday will be new (or old but the end result is the same) Life is not measured in years but in actions. Sometimes I do feel like killing myself but then a thought of something more new and exciting makes me forget what I was thinking in the first place.

And I just don't know why I wrote this. My inner demon had this urge I guess, to write something up. Or this writer's block thing has really gotten over my head. Or it's just that I wanted to write something which was 'real'. Ah fuck me.

“First things first has always been my motto, mostly because it makes absolutely no sense - after all, if first things were second or third, they wouldn't be first things, would they? Still, cliches exist to comfort the feeble minded, not to provide any actual meaning.” - Dexter Morgan (Dexter by Design)

Have a great life ahead.




Hemal Shah said...

Lovely post, yuo have tried to put everything in there.. :)

Good to see you active again.. HNY.

Aditya Iyer said...

thank you Hemal, wish you the same