Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Got my LPU 12 package

Although this kind of post would fit in my new other other blog at, posting about the LPU package has been a tradition for me over 5 years now here, so I'll just stick to posting some small such things here only. This year a fresh merchandise package with a different coloured tee apart from the always black (I only wear a light colour if it's a lpu tee or something specific, otherwise I'm the dark passenger), a water bottle (the second one I got within 2 months the other one being which I won The Dark Knight Rises merchandise from Warner Bros. India), another guitar pic (hell yeah!), carabiner keychain, laminate, lanyard and of course the LPU 12 CD.

This year should be great and hopefully I should be finally get to see Linkin Park live after waiting for 9 years (and counting) if they come to India. We at are trying our best to make that happen. Until then.


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