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Taalash Aamir Khan ki with Microsoft and Windows 8

So I won this contest of Windows 8 with promotion of Aamir Khan's movie Taalash. This was sometime around the launch of Windows 8 in October. I honestly don't even remember where I took part! I remember posting on facebook, in a demo at a mall, and other places as I write everywhere (sort of). I've been using Windows 8 beta versions for over half a year too. In January I get a call that I was shortlisted among some people in Mumbai and around the country for this contest! Whoa! Then subsequently after some exchange of e-mails, confirmed I was a winner!

There were 5 winners in this contest, I and 2 others (Sudeep, Hiral) from Mumbai and 2 (Sachit, Antriksh) from Delhi. Also 2 winners from another app developing contest, one (Talha) was from Uttar Pradesh and the other (Nirmit) from Gujarat. On 29th March 2013, we (here we as in only the Bombay fellas, as the other 'outsiders' were given flight/travel, luxurious rooms and food for the 2 day stay, and I had to hop on and ride with the local train, being my home city I felt more of the 'outsider' ironically) met with the guys from Microsoft, the people behind the show at around 2 PM at the venue, which was the luxurious Trident hotel. Only seen it on pictures and outside from passing, being the average not-so-lucky citizen I was, and now here thanks to Microsoft (and myself of course) I was AT THE ROOFTOP of one of the most luxurious hotels there is! The view from there was breathtaking.

I met with Neha who had been co-coordinating with me for this event and the others. There were people from the PR side, development, marketing and some heads. (Pardon don't remember all their names now and don't want to get it wrong) All were very friendly and had a good time chatting. Also a mind blowing tale - There was a fatso who was the most amusing of them all, and I felt I kinda recognized him. Only when after someone called him by his name realized that guy was none other than Cyrus Broacha! He wasted no minute in making people his bakra. The day was spent shooting photographs and videos for the event. I was the first bakra to top it all. (felt kinda weird as I'm the one usually behind the camera and now in front of it) We were the winners from across the country after all, the stars of the show :D

There was a small contest among the winners too. I admit being bit (or a lot the way you see it) foolish and not thinking, I could have won but came third by fraction of a second, which had to be determined seeing the video recording and further pulling some legs. The winner and runner up got a Lumia 920 and 820 respectively, while the rest of us got a Lumia 620. As if I needed it, I was already the envy of all for already having a Lumia 920 :D

After the fun filled day with shooting, talking and briefing of the event the day wrapped up around 7 and to much surprise of the Microsoft guys who thought it would be more late and because of that even pre-ponded the timing in the afternoon. To my much dismay, that meant no dinner that day. Well after going back home and the not-so-sleep because of excitement, and going back in the morning (check my local train/outsider rant above) had some good brunch there. And desert. Never forget desert. Along with the fine folks from yesterday also met Mark, a head guy from the development side and had a good chat with him. I with Antriksh went to Sachit's room as I wanted to see how the rooms were which were cool. Soon all 7 of us had our own video shoot from my phone in the room as a remembrance. Not sure if it's okay to post it as it might contain things not meant to be said publicly :P

Apparently was the only point of interest in the room :P

Aha :P


At around 3.30 PM the event started with the awesome rooftop hall filled with the journalists, media folks and the usual abundant crapshooters. The host Cyrus greeted everyone in his usual cool manner, welcome talk by Mr. Amrish Goyal who is the MD of Microsoft India, and pretty soon the super star awaited of the day (we were just stars remember?) Aamir Khan made his entrance.

During the chat with Mr. Goyal, by a request from Cyrus and eventually everyone, Aamir demonstrated his genuis as he solved the Rubik's cube within minutes (as he is known for) while talking in front of the crowd! Mind blown. And finally the time had come for our awaited prize, a one on one (albeit here for a short while unfortunately) with him! I was the fifth among us five, got to hug him as I went on stage and welcomed. He was giving everyone a personalized autographed dvd of his movie Taalash and the prize Lumia phone. He asked me where I was from as I had my seat and when I replied casually 'Borivali' he seemed quite pleased with that 'Arre Bombay-wala!' exclaiming 'Oh great'. After he gave me my 'prizes', me being my usual different hatke self announced on the mic and gave him a gift instead! He was joyed and said how sweet. I gave him a copy of a great book, Transforming Indians to Transform India. He seemsed quite happy :)

 Aamir seeing my gift :)

Had a small chat with him on Satyamev Jayate which I focused my questions on. He genuinely expressed his thinking and feelings on how he though of giving back to the country and people and I was quite awestruck not only on the fact that I was sitting right with my most favourite Indian actor, but was actually talking about a social cause! Then after 'time was up' I took pics with him for my universal bragging rights of course (and the media for their work). He spoke on quite some things on movies, upcoming projects, his views on being a perfectionist among others. You can view the Q&A below.

Overall it was a great experience and worthwhile win ever! Only wish was it could have been more informal and intimate instead of the huge press thing. Otherwise kudos to Microsoft and Windows for this, really appreciate for creating this opportunity!

Pardon the delay in posting this, had not been keeping well since the past few days prior to all this awesomeness. You can check out my facebook album here too. Until next time ;)


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