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Life In A Day - The story of a single day on Earth

In my earlier post I had mentioned about me taking 'a day off' and filming aspects of my life for a global experiment of making a user made documentary film called 'Life in a day'
The project was initiated by Oscar winning directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott in collaboration with LG, the Sundance film festival and Youtube.

What is Life in a Day?

It is a completely brand new concept of making a documentary film where anyone who is above 13 years of age can take part anywhere in the world. A big global event across all nations, boundaries and cultures. 
‘Life in a Day’ will be made up of compelling footage submitted by YouTubers showing scenes from their lives on July 24 and is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and compelling collaborative documentaries ever made. 
The rule was simple - go out and capture aspects of your life on film, and upload the footage. After considering all the entries, a film will be made which will be shown in the Sundance festival in January 2011. And whats more, all those whose footage was used will be duly credited. Neat right?

When (and Why)?

24 July 2010. Now why that particular date to film our lives? Well it can be written as 24/7 or 7/24 depending on where you live. For the sake of fun ;)

The Vision

Basically to 'capture' a single day on earth in film. Maybe after many years (say 20, 50 or even 100!) people can look into it that how we live today. This is the common vision shared by all the makers (yes that includes the directors, the team and everyone on earth who took part!) of the film. This day united the people of the globe for being a part of something big. We can proudly say we created film history!
I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Finally, what did I do?

Just like when it is the birthday of someone close to you and you stay till midnight so that you can wish right away, similarly (yes the most favorite word used by students studying mathematics) I too did a similar thing by shooting the temple in my house, invoking the lord's grace and a snippet of the official youtube page.

Went on a morning jog, although this one was pretty different where I was not jogging at all! Rather with a bag on my shoulders, 3 cameras and lots of batteries. I realized an old proved which goes
'You do, you learn.' 
This was the first time I actually paid a close attention to nature and the surroundings, for that is the key in good film making. Although being a passionate photographer (hobbyist) myself, I realized film making was a level ahead. The most important aspect was - Being natural and being yourself.
And of course enjoying what you do! :)

After shooting the early morning, forest, paths, roaring streams in the heavy rains, another thing which I learned (one VERY important thing) is how to NOT screw yourself and what you have (yes referring to the roaring rains and my equipment)

My alma mater St. Francis D'Assisi High School was the next destination I hit. The same place where I grew up apart from home and what I learned to today what I am and tomorrow what I will be. Following common sights of the city, my area etc. Some visuals and planned shooting.
As the day was declining, and after so much of wandering (in the never ceasing rain) my lunch became my evening snack and dinner became a late night one.
Finally got the opportunity to interview a few of my pals on their thoughts and a small thank you speech

Thats it. Had a lot of fun filming, learned quiet some things and in short, the day was epic.

Check out more on LIAD's official channel -
Check out what I've shot on my chanel -

Apart from filming, did (my first!) videolog answering some questions by Kevin -
- What do you love?
- What do you fear?
- What makes you laugh?
- What's in your pockets? Is there a story behind any of the objects?

What are your answers to these?



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