Friday, 27 July 2007

Teachers - A Tribute

As a young mind in this world, I wonder to know myself and this world; 
The path who shows me is no one else, but only the teacher. 
They make us realize our potential, 
They are like catalysts, They accelerate us to our goals; cautioning us to be aware of various holes, to come. 
Teachers are present all over the the world, situated in different schools, classes, divisions, having one divine vision, to mold young people like us into fully matured citizens. 
Teachers give us something priceless, for which we can never repay, 
How do we proudly call ourselves students ? due to these teachers who are nothing but excellent. 
When with studies we are done, your work has only begun; 
You continue to train and teach, Fame and glory so that our nation can gain, 
Each individual tries to become; Good, Better, and the BEST their greatest joy, when students outgo, defeated by their student, their victory. 
Great teachers not only teach, they inspire leading to fulfill our greatest desires. 
They are like the shining sun, giving us the heat and light like the earth we revolve around them, to beautify ourselves. 
Roses maybe red, Violets maybe blue, Great Teachers like you, are indeed few. 
White as a dove, with hearts full of love; To teachers like you, We students salute.

P.S. Meet the former and most admired president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and gave him this on seeing was very please. See here.


Teenagers ......

Look Look we are teens,
& we're here to fulfill our dreams.
we're sort of cool ,
& we want our own rules.
We would love our thoughts to get freedom,
'coz too much advice gives us boredom.
Packed with too much tension,
We want everyones attention.
We would surely not miss school,
'coz we don't wanna be a fool.
Whenever our younger siblings make a mistake,
Why do we teens have the responsibility to take ?
We'd like to have a life of fun,
and reach with our goals upto the sun.
We'd take love from others and to others we'd give,
'coz we believe-'live & let live' .


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Charming Photographs .......

These are 'some' of my snaps, but these are a bit different .... caught with a totally different perspective ...... very few are shot with a mistake though ...... but as the saying goes 'to err is human, to forgive is divine' ....... well seeing this i feel why not make some mistakes sometimes :D ....... ( well, this goes on getting weirder as you go down )


Sunday, 15 July 2007

Beauty of Mumbai .... Nariman point


Friday, 13 July 2007

Blissful Animals with mother nature's grace ....

Well don't know where did the owner of the house go .......

Spotted this rare Queen Ant ........ don't ask me where ..... okay I'll tell ... in my bathroom !!!!!! :P

No one will believe how i got this little fellow .....
will you imagine being locked up in its animal cage so that it doesn't fled ?

Well same story ..... the two sharing the the same dwelling .. this reminded me of the story of the hare and tortoise .... just a glitch that they live together .... cool ha ?

Some Eggs of a Pigeon ..... in my kitchen window :)

OOPS !! Looks like the mom is here .......

Well you might be thinking whats special in this ? just a normal crow ....... only good observers can appreciate this .......

One of my excellent work ..... it was soooooo close !!!!

Some wild ducks in kolkata .... who thought there are animals (and birds too) in such busy cities ???

A Langur i shot on our way from kolkata .......
thats what i call ' high living !'

A mountain goat I caught while trekking back from Hanuman tok, Sikkim
well one master piece in that thick midst of fog !

Sheded skin of some sea snake

A typical sea snake which I found near a sea shore ........
just simply love them !!!!

Well thats me with one small one in my 'lunch box' :)
intended to gift it to my friend for his birthday .....
well want to know what is rolling in your mind right now .....


Leaves - Life for a moment ... Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali

Well a place familiar by all mumbaikans , the largest National sanctuaries in the world situated in the borders of a very famous city .....

The path to Kaneri caves

Here my collection of 'leaves' found from the national park .... took about 3 hours ..
this little search took place due to given 'homework' of our geography teacher last year ...


Myself and Subhadeep