Friday, 15 October 2010

Water - Action!

Yes water - one of the most basic entities of life on earth. Just like many existing global issues like global warming, recession, poverty and the list goes on, this one is no exception.

- Millions of people all over the world have no access to clean and safe water whereas most others just tend to neglect it's importance and wastage. To such people clean water itself is a luxury.
- Not to mention the countless who die each year because of this unhygienic water.
- There are more people who have access to cell phones than those (approx 2.5 billion) who don't have access to proper toilets! Sounds funny but definitely isn't.
-  Loss to marine life, oil spills and all need no introduction.
- As time passes will we have water for ourselves one day?

These facts don't have to be that way, but as normal people what can we do? Do we have the power and capacity to take some action? Are we first responsible enough to understand this crisis?
What can YOU do?

For starters,
- Don't let the tap running when not required.
- Don't use more than necessary.
-Support some NGO who help in the 'conservation of water'
- Keep water bodies like rivers and seas clean by not throwing away your garbage. They are also home to many.
- Educate yourself and others. Spread the awareness.

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