Monday, 17 June 2013

The Xtreme IndiBlogger Meet

As the title says, this was an #XtremeDrive IndiBlogger meet which gave the Indibloggers from Mumbai a chance to check out the amazing Tata Safari Storme.

I reached the venue early as usual though missed the one to be technically 'first' and another guy who walked in with me got a prize for it. And I was barred from entering any contest there for reason cited "You win all the time." I  has screaming WHAAATTTT??!!! Well fun times, but not so much you know. :P

Anyways arriving early waited for the meet which was being set up, and eventually after taking seats waited for everyone to come in since it was the beginning of the monsoon season, and everyone knows in Mumbai, monsoon means terrible, despite all the "Oh rains yay! Cool and Romantic! How nice!" crap which people always say and regret later on (they quite obviously won't admit it though). This time there was a fun giveaway where random people were asked to get up, introduce themselves, and pick a no. from 1-11 and depending on a predetermined list which only Karthik from the IndiTeam possessed gave out prizes. Ranging from sleeping bags from Wildcraft, swiss knives, cash to bananas and onion rings, it was quite a hilarious (or not so for the ones receiving a banana or onion ring) event. And read about me being barred above.

From the nameless one I become the hairy barred one...

 Eventually, everyone were given a minute to introduce themselves after which the guys from Tata gave a presentation about the Tata Safari Storme. And this was a meet which had outdoor activities as well, making it a fresh welcome change. People were divided into groups of 20 or so. And there was a contest, each group had to pull a Tata Safari Storme till a certain distance in minimum time as possible. Chaos ensured. People fell, got almost ran over, broke the rope and what not. My team was named "Hear Me Roar", the motto of House Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thones, whose t-shirt my friend Jugal was wearing and so our appointed not-so-brave leader. :P

We managed to come second and we along with the first team had a tug of war match which resulted in a draw as the rope gave in again for the who knows what time. Lot of small injuries did follow throughout the course of events, luckily nothing severe and I was impressed there was also an ambulance ready and waiting in case anything severe took place. Oh and a friend of mine got his jeans torn, guess IndiBlogger should start giving pants too now along with t-shirts haha :P

While I and the rest of these people from these 2 teams were onto this, the rest moved to the other section of the ground where they could try out the Tata Safari Storme, in 2 different set ups, one being a completely terrain off road experience while the other with obstacles. And they finished all the Redbulls *sigh*

And we the top 2 teams were also the last in line in the act, no pictures of us pulling the car or the tug of war (and no group photo in the end too, since all were tired and it was getting late) :( Oh well.

Riding in the Tata Safari Storme was really cool, especially the off-road one which this was in a way all about. I personally don't drive but after this experience I so wish I could and perhaps high time I do something about it myself. Well my father never told me "You are meant for greater things", so I assume I'm never gonna get a driver for myself so I should do something about this myself. :P
There were also twitter contests, featuring prizes for best tweets and best photo taken there. In the end there was dinner, chit-chat, taking photos and the usual end drill. The meet went by very fast and smooth indeed, just like the Tata Safari Storme. They were awesome too! :)

Several photo courtesy of IndiBlogger.