Friday, 22 February 2008

Meeting the Great Missile man of India ... Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 02-13-2008

Inauguration of Synergy 2008 and celebrations of 100 years of completion of St.Francis D'Assisi High School by former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on 13-02-2008

My school St.Francis D'Assisi is celebrating its completion of 100 years. 'Synergy 2008' a four day mega event began on 13-02-2008 being inaugurated by the former President
Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam himself !

Synergy 2008 inauguration....

Lighting the Lamp .. beginning with auspiciousness

He has always been an inspiration, a role model for the youth like me ... his presence makes you feel safe and delighted .. his thinking is deep as the ocean .. his words are amazing ... he addressed the crowd (5000++) on a marvelous topic on 'Indomitable Spirit'. Click here to read

"KNOWLEDGE = Creativity + Righteousness + Courage + INDOMITABLE SPIRIT"

His address was marvelous .... there was pin drop silence as in a K.G class when the ex-president spoke ... he made the students repeat many values and also recited his compositions ....the speech which he gave can be found in his Site.
For reading it,

Meeting him and showing him atleast one of my poems was my dream which came true !!

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam looking at my composition ... wow just look at the smile !! (if you want to see it click here)

being appreciated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam himself !!! what more good can happen ?? :)

Last but not the Least

Autograph of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ... took it in his Book 'Ignited Minds' (one of my favorite books) Its like a precious jem now :)


Here I come ..... LPU 7 ! 02-02-2008

Linkin Park Underground, also called LPU is the official fan club of the alternative rock band from California, Linkin Park. Being a fan for a very long period of time, finally i once again become a part of LPU. Well i owe this to my cousin bro, because i used his credit card to become an active member :D .... I used my Birthday (02-26-2008) as an excuse well which fan will say no to LPU ha ? :)

If you are a fan you can get more info by visiting:

The awesome Linkin Park
(From Left)
Rob Bourdon (drums)
Dave Farrell aka 'Phoneix' (bass Guitar, backing vocals)
Chester Bennington (lead vocals)
Mike Shinoda (emcee, vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard, piano)
Joe Hahn (turntables, programming, samples, beats, DJ)
Brad Delson (lead guitar)