Saturday, 28 August 2010

God bless us everyone

Music video for The Catalyst by Linkin Park is here. Released on 26/08/2010.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Random Images

Random images I came across here and there...

Our virtual world (Click to enlarge)

This white guy is a big nemesis of all Twitter addicts.

ah the power of Integral Calculus :D

Ramayana on Facebook?

Unspoken communication.

gender discrimination still prevails (virtually!)



Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Vibhooti to Moksha

On 15th August 2010 India celebrated 63 years of freedom. Everyone had their own way of celebration and hoisting the national flag, so did I and fellow (empowered) youth along with some of the greatest acharayas.

Went on a trek in the nearby mountains of Chinmaya Vibhooti in Kolwan, Maharashtra, India where we hoisted the Indian tricolour. Singing the National Anthem, patriotic songs, breakfast, discussions and solitude time made it an experience of a life time. A genuine way of showing patriotism.

The journey begins...

Rishiji and Swami Mitrananda. Leading inspiration...

Hoisting the national flag.

The free team :)

as seen from vibhooti

For more pics check out my facebook album.

India is free BUT are we Indians really free? A very intriguing question it is. Where is the freedom when we are bounded by our mind, thinking, emotions, fear, the world etc. ? What is the true meaning of freedom? Are we at peace with ourselves and what we do? Think.

Let us work for this second freedom...



Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jammers stopping the meter today!

Yes today 12th August 2010 and this time the public is going on strike against autos and taxis.
Check out my previous post to know more. With full support (and no laziness/excuses) let us together bring the change we want to see for a better tomorrow.

And be sure to follow this:



Sunday, 8 August 2010

Meter Jam - Time to say NO!

 It is time citizens stand up for themselves against the atrocities one has to face. In Mumbai, India one such issue is the big problem due to auto-rickshaws and taxis. These fellas and the union declare a strike whenever they want for increasing their fare rates and yet behave as if they rule and we the citizens depend on them. So to display the power of public and shake the auto-taxi-'dadgiri' system, on 12th August 2010 Mumbai decides to ditch the the taxis and autos and bring a halt to the meter.

Meter Jam, a campaign started by three Mumbaikars who can't take the 'No' anymore and have taken the willing step to strike back and thus lead thousands of supporters and followers not only across the city, but spreading across the country. Its simple - Say No to autos and taxis on 12th August because they say no to whenever they want.

Autos and Taxis being public services need to be in favour of everyone, not only in their self interest. In the manner they act, it seems they are the working force with the most important job and people have nothing urgent, no emergency and are happy to adjust according to their liking. They strike whenever they want, to have their demands fulfilled and in their fights we the people have to bear with them every time.
With the corruption, politicians and government who else to be blamed? 
WE! When do we stand up for ourselves instead of just complaining every time how flawed the system is?

Some common problems (of the many) include -
  • Rise of fare which a passenger unnecessarily has to pay for the 
  • Despite the fare, refusal of hiring not only in the start but also anytime in the journey
  • Refusal to go beyond certain points due to any reason ranging from traffic to the driver's self interest
  • Demand of excess fare from the (already high) meter claiming meter is not working or in the name of the system
  • Women abuse and seeking advantage from children
  • Ganging up and threatening passengers in compelling with their own demands.
  • and the list goes on...

So this is an attempt to put a halt to this on going non-sense. As the old saying goes its time to fight fire with fire. If they can strike for their own means, we the public can also do the same with more power and enthusiasm.
NOTE - This has nothing to do with violence as it is definitely not promoted. In a polite manner to say no to all autos and taxis (just like slapping on their faces with just a cunning smile) on 12th August to teach them a lesson and let them know that the city and the country will continue to live on with or without them.

So for success of this campaign words aren't enough, we need everyone's support. Please no laziness or excuses. It is for a better tomorrow.

Go check out now! Spread the word!

Be the change you want to see!

Edit: this new poster can help in bringing in attention of everyone



Saturday, 7 August 2010

Life In A Day - The story of a single day on Earth

In my earlier post I had mentioned about me taking 'a day off' and filming aspects of my life for a global experiment of making a user made documentary film called 'Life in a day'
The project was initiated by Oscar winning directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott in collaboration with LG, the Sundance film festival and Youtube.

What is Life in a Day?

It is a completely brand new concept of making a documentary film where anyone who is above 13 years of age can take part anywhere in the world. A big global event across all nations, boundaries and cultures. 
‘Life in a Day’ will be made up of compelling footage submitted by YouTubers showing scenes from their lives on July 24 and is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and compelling collaborative documentaries ever made. 
The rule was simple - go out and capture aspects of your life on film, and upload the footage. After considering all the entries, a film will be made which will be shown in the Sundance festival in January 2011. And whats more, all those whose footage was used will be duly credited. Neat right?

When (and Why)?

24 July 2010. Now why that particular date to film our lives? Well it can be written as 24/7 or 7/24 depending on where you live. For the sake of fun ;)

The Vision

Basically to 'capture' a single day on earth in film. Maybe after many years (say 20, 50 or even 100!) people can look into it that how we live today. This is the common vision shared by all the makers (yes that includes the directors, the team and everyone on earth who took part!) of the film. This day united the people of the globe for being a part of something big. We can proudly say we created film history!
I'm glad I could be a part of it.

Finally, what did I do?

Just like when it is the birthday of someone close to you and you stay till midnight so that you can wish right away, similarly (yes the most favorite word used by students studying mathematics) I too did a similar thing by shooting the temple in my house, invoking the lord's grace and a snippet of the official youtube page.

Went on a morning jog, although this one was pretty different where I was not jogging at all! Rather with a bag on my shoulders, 3 cameras and lots of batteries. I realized an old proved which goes
'You do, you learn.' 
This was the first time I actually paid a close attention to nature and the surroundings, for that is the key in good film making. Although being a passionate photographer (hobbyist) myself, I realized film making was a level ahead. The most important aspect was - Being natural and being yourself.
And of course enjoying what you do! :)

After shooting the early morning, forest, paths, roaring streams in the heavy rains, another thing which I learned (one VERY important thing) is how to NOT screw yourself and what you have (yes referring to the roaring rains and my equipment)

My alma mater St. Francis D'Assisi High School was the next destination I hit. The same place where I grew up apart from home and what I learned to today what I am and tomorrow what I will be. Following common sights of the city, my area etc. Some visuals and planned shooting.
As the day was declining, and after so much of wandering (in the never ceasing rain) my lunch became my evening snack and dinner became a late night one.
Finally got the opportunity to interview a few of my pals on their thoughts and a small thank you speech

Thats it. Had a lot of fun filming, learned quiet some things and in short, the day was epic.

Check out more on LIAD's official channel -
Check out what I've shot on my chanel -

Apart from filming, did (my first!) videolog answering some questions by Kevin -
- What do you love?
- What do you fear?
- What makes you laugh?
- What's in your pockets? Is there a story behind any of the objects?

What are your answers to these?



Thursday, 5 August 2010

Open letter from Linkin Park about A Thousand Suns. (Must read)


Whenever we finish an album, it's usually coupled with a block of text meant to describe it. The record company pays a “reputable” writer to craft their most exciting description of the music, in the hopes that it will help convince you to like it. But it seems to us that words usually don't do a great job of defining the sound of an album, so we thought we’d try something different and just tell you, directly from us, what was on our minds as we set out to make our new album, A Thousand Suns. We’ll leave the rest up to you.

Before you hear the music, we wanted you to know that this album was put together to be enjoyed as that: an album. We’re aware that many people are accustomed to small, single-song servings. In spite of that (or maybe because of it), we mean for this album to take you on a journey. If you decide to listen to the album in pieces, that’s fine; we just wanted to let you know there’s a part of the experience that only works when you listen to A Thousand Suns from beginning to end.

Listening to some of our favorite albums, it’s easy to forget that there was a moment in time, before their release, when they were just a crazy idea to an artist. We tried to keep that moment in mind as we were making this record. It provided us with the inspiration to take chances and not worry if at first something we tried was different or weird.

If you are already familiar with our band, you may notice a difference in the sound of this one. Part of it is because we love to try new things, and part of it is because there has been a sound that we've been waiting for in modern alternative music. We worked with Rick Rubin again on this record (he co-produced our last record) because he understood our vision of trying to capture this new sound.

We hope you enjoy the music and will come talk to us at

Brad, Chester, Dave, Joe, Mike, and Rob.

PS: The people who work hard to promote our band wanted us to add a bunch of stats right here that are meant to impress you. We didn’t like that idea but, as a compromise, we agreed that we’d provide this link in case you want any of this information: We said that we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Wikipedia but they didn’t believe us.


We were not making an album.

For months, we'd been destroying and rebuilding our band. The experiments that resulted filled the studio hard drive with diverse, abstract sounds. Amorphous echoes, cacophonous samples, and handmade staccato merged into wandering, elusive melody. Each track felt like a hallucination.

We didn't know if any of those unorthodox ideas could be incorporated into a traditional album, but we knew we didn't want our next album to be predictable. Sitting together in the same studio where we made our first album, all six of us voiced a commitment to going out on a limb, to making something truly daring. We asked ourselves: were we all earnestly willing, more than ever before, to abandon the precepts of commercial ambition in pursuit of what we believe to be honest art?

The inclination to begin writing conventional songs for a conventional album came and went. The temptation to adjust our creative vision to fulfill expectations beyond our studio walls yielded to the audacious ambition of what he hoped to achieve as a band. The two years of making A Thousand Suns marked our exhilarating, surrealistic, and often challenging journey into the creative unknown.

On the eve of its completion, this body of work, assembled through unconscious inspiration and unmitigated exertion, has revealed to us notions both stirring and surprising. The album's personified imagery is neither dogma nor political premeditation. The emergent themes and metaphors illuminate a uniquely human story.

A Thousand Suns grapples with the personal cycle of pride, destruction, and regret. In life, like in dreams, this sequence is not always linear. And, sometimes, true remorse penetrates the devastating cycle. The hope, of course, springs from the notion that the possibility of change is born in our most harrowing moments.

Enjoy the music.

Linkin Park.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Catalyst

Well its been a crazy morning when The Catalyst premiered worldwide today morning at BBC Radio 1 at 19:00 GMT. Everyone around the world went nuts as the first single of Linkin Park's upcoming album 'A Thousand Suns' premiered. The track shows the evolution of Linkin Park as a band, and as with every album the change in the sound. Linkin Park needs no introduction, being the top experimental artists in the globe and setting a genre of their own. 

Everyone went insane as Zane Lowre gave a shout out to the 'most loyal fans of any artist' in the world which includes the LPU, and many other fan sites. It was followed by a short commentary by Chester Bennington, lead vocalist of the band and a sweet second round of the much awaited single.

Mike Shinoda even had a chat with fellow fans on LPU, and on

A thank you to LP Association, another long running fan site who work hard in keeping everyone updated apart from the official sites, sneak peeks offered by many like us, and reminders for stuff which isn't formally announced. Their involvement is pretty great. Kudos to the LPA team!

Finally, a big thanks and kudos to Linkin Park for their hardwork and dedication in what they do, the oucome being such a heavenly master piece!

Listen to The Catalyst at Linkin Park's myspace or at iTunes NOW!

The Catalyst Lyrics:

God bless us every one
We’re a broken people living under loaded gun
And it can’t be outfought
It can’t be outdone
It can’t be outmatched
It can’t be outrun

And when I close my eyes tonight
To symphonies of blinding light
(God bless us every one / we’re a broken people living under loaded gun)
Oh / like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

God save us every one
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns
For the sins of our hand
The sins of our tongue
The sins of our father
The sins of our young

And when I close my eyes tonight
To symphonies of blinding light
(God save us every one / will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns)
Oh / like memories in cold decay
Transmissions echoing away
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky

Lift me up
Let me go

Joe Hahn, the DJ of the band who directs most of their videos has made a trailer of the upcoming game Medal Of Honor featuring The Catalyst as the soundtrack.

So what do you think? Excited?

Edit: This one is with the lyrics but note that this is NOT the official music video of The Catalyst.
Decided to put this up as well as its up through the official channel and is so dope.

The music video for The Catalyst will be out by the end of August 2010.