Friday, 31 December 2010

Remembering 2010

 So 2010 has almost come to an end (approx an hour away here in India now as I write this). Since its been awhile since I wrote a blog post thought it would be a good way bidding farewell by sharing few key aspects and moments of what happened with me during this year. Keeping it chronological as possible, with some over the period stuff here and there.
 Starting with the beginning, I remember my initial days in January.  The atmosphere was more or the less same as now, with the end of the 00's decade and this year 2010 beginning which is to meeting an end. So many things happen over a span of time, and recollecting them is one pleasure that one can always get. I was in another city that time, Kota for my studies and a course. The anxiety of upcoming exams had me kept busy.

In February, I turned 18. Considered as something big, I didn't much celebrate or enjoy it though (as any of my birthdays) and was amazed (as always) people actually remembering it and calling me up. #small happiness in life.

 My two year course got over. It was time for taking photos, any remaining final contact info, enjoying the last time before everyone return to their respective homes and farewell to everyone and Bansal Classes. Then came along the hot season. Not just summer but much more to it. Exam season. I came back home after my 12th board exams and was delighted being back, yet did miss my those days over there. Preparing for the upcoming engineering entrance exams, jumping around every part of the city took most of the time and was really tiring. 

 After all the exams got over came some amount of time of freedom. First time went to organize a national camp with an overwhelming response of around 800 participants from all over the country based on the title 'Face Life Make Life' being hosted by Chyk, International youth wing of Chinmaya Mission held at a beautiful place surrounded by the mountains and nature called Chinmaya Vibhooti, a wide 70 acre campus of international status. CV is perhaps one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I've ever been in my life. Also had another opportunity to go on a trek on Indian Independence day. (See here)

 However things weren't going so well as time went. They say happiness is short lived and shit can happen anytime. That was so dam true. Life became miserable (looks like those lessons I learned from that camp and all my life had to play a role here too). I did face a lot of shit in my life before, varying from health problems, disgrace, having to be with cheap shitty people (and their worse families too), having to fight for myself all alone, having to be considered different among everyone and so many others. But thats life and you got to live with it. Everyone has problems says people who try to console, and why me and this is what I feel (just like everybody else, probably)

But now things were equally worse - faired miserably in my entrance exams, was in a life/dream shattered situation, parents lost all sense of hope and trust, being treated like an outcast (as usual), closest & best friend whom I loved the most had a bad quarrel and she not talking to be for about 5  fmonths. In all this in one way or the other it was my fault and I had to live with it.

Though eventually everything went back to normal and two of the most significant things of my life happened this year.


Firstly after all the initial shit, got into SFIT, Mumbai University making me the most closest person living to the college as it is just a wall away from my apartment :D
Doing Computer Science Engineering, which I wanted to do, so happy in one way because I'm doing what I want. Important mark which will determine my life.

 And the other thing is about me and my love. The most beautiful and most important person of my life, apart from my other family members (here family includes parents and life long friends). She sure is special for tolerating all my life long (and on going) non-sense XD

She was always there for me when I was down, even when my parents who criticized me badly of my failures. If I had someone to turn to, it was her. She was one of those who accepted me as I'm, because of whom I feel I'm a better person today. Not everyyone can influence you and mould your character into a better person.

This year things went terrible for some time. Despite our so strong bond, always had quarrels (which is a normal thing) but I committed such a mistake that I blew her head off (ya as usual I'm the criminal). One of the most worst periods of my life, its not that we didn't fight but for this time it went insane - didn't speak to me for like 5 months! Even ignored me right on face in her own house when I went to see her (and apologise countless times). I felt miserable and terrible.

Eventually things went back to normal and better. Sometimes in life such 'shock treatments' are required to bring you back to reality and not make the bloody mistakes which you did. I never imagined such a sweety-pie like her would turn into a demon like that. But that showed me her real concern despite my initially disturbed state. I just can't express how happy I am to have her and I hope she feels the same for me. (She does, I just hope I can live upto it)

 Its real love if you and your partner can just sit there and talk about nothing and everything at the same time. Its all about connection.

And in the end Linkin Park released their fourth album A Thousand Suns. A very different and epic album which is a must hear. As an Indian, very happy that many such related elements are seen in the album and are a part of the inspiration in making of it.

And by the looks of it there are mostly going to come here in India next year! 2010 gave A Thousand Suns. Let 2011 give us Linkin Park :)

 So thats it!  Overall it was a good year mixed with every element of the usual and unusual, of great movies and good games, heart warming events and happiness. Feels good to remember the good old days. Lets see what the future holds.