Friday, 31 May 2013

Connecting You and Me through the eyes of Women

Or more technically, through camera lenses. This was the basic premise of the Zee TV Connected IndiBlogger meet. I won't lie, I seldom to never watch Hindi TV, the only show which I watched and adore is Satyamev Jayate. This show is a similar attempt but focused on one particular section - Women. Connected Hum Tum is the television debut of Abhay Deol as he attempts to understand why is it so difficult to understand women? Oh and since this is Indian screens we are talking about, nothing works here without a song right? So here you go:

And what's most interesting is, that this centers on the lives of 6 women across the country, and they themselves have shot the footage through hand held cameras! This makes it a more personal journey which can be more related with, than watching a half ass naked actress cribbing over something by the end having a happy (or not so) tale. Thank goodness (and the show makers) for that. Clichés I tell ya. We want real stories, and not the usual crap, and this is one of the few of the former.

IndiBlogger along with Zee TV organized this meet on 29/05/2013 for basically promoting and showcasing this show and what was special is that they haven't started talking much about the show in public, and this being a group of all people who express themselves better than most others ie le bloggers, the director of the show, the 6 fine lady stars and folks from Zee TV were present who had come to promote the show and an exclusive screening of the first episode. Bummer for the female bloggers there, many had hoped Abhay Deol would be there too, well, who wasn't. And another 'confession'? I never knew who he was before this meet! Well, I had seen a movie of his Dev D, and that's how I could recognize him. Oh well.

The venue was Hotel Leela, Andheri; another great hotel. May the faceless one bless these guys for catching hold of such awesome places. This time, to my shame, I got a bit late due to some issues aka sleep and arrived just when the meet started when Mr. Anoop Johnson started the meet greeting everyone and being his mischievous usual self while I had to remain vagabond-ish for approx first half of the meet, the reason I wouldn't want to exactly describe. :P

The first activity was he made everyone get their lazy asses up and out front and played the good old 'This or That' with some myth breakers and other shit, like who keeps the toilet seat up/down, who is a problem solver and maker and of that sort, eliminating the larger group each time. Oh and evidently, everyone are problem makers no matter what they say, all are a bunch of lying buggers. :P Soon after which the few remaining won a few prizes for being hatt-kay (different) came the 30 seconds moment of fame time for bloggers who randomly are supposed to introduce themselves to the crowd. Still not sure if it's just 30 seconds or say whatever the hell they want for how long though. Okay it's now a minute of fame. I guess.

Me in my (not so) charismatic self. Also the Dexter t-shirt is awesome, just saying.

Then things started getting more interesting than they already were. It was revealed that the 6 stars of the show were already sitting among the bloggers across the ball room, and the first/second/whatever people who manage to find all of them and snap a photograph with them wins a Nokia Lumia 520. Thus began the witch hunt search and snap. I on the other hand took the time to meet people and more which I missed at the beginning, and laughed at the fact that every chick with a bit more make up was 'hunted' for one of them. :P Well meeting people was more important for me. Winning and drinking comes later. ;) And I'd rather take pictures with myself, just saying.

After this was settled, came the time for the director and stars to introduce themselves, and speak on the project along with a screening of the first episode. After they did, saying how everything initially started, the challenges they faced along the journey. It was followed by a Q&A (yes people did have a lot to ask!) which gave a lot of insight on it. Personally I can understand how carrying a camera shooting your life can be a challenge, I did it for a day on this film project called Life in a Day, and I ie my footage managed to come in the top 100 hours. (If I only wish something managed to make the final film, but oh well it's a start and still something!) So doing this for months, especially if not an expert in handling cameras and being a woman in this hypocritical men dominated and idiotic society can be tough, so really hats off to these women who decided to take up the challenge and tell their story. This will be something to really watch, unlike most other crap on TV.

Indi HUR HUR!! (that's an IndiBlogger thing)

The meet concluded with dinner and drinks, meeting people, taking pictures and having a nice time. One thing which I want to add, in the introductory episode, in the introduction of one of the women (each episode showcases 3 of them at a time) called Sonal, she had a Gengar plush in her room! Pokémon! She instantly won my heart and I specifically searched for her and spoke to her just for that if not any other reason. :P So you can say I'm going to root for her, in a manner of speaking. :D

 And she is so cute too! <3 i="">

Overall another great meet as usual. Kudos to everyone who made this possible. All photos by Pankaja/IndiBlogger.

Until next time.