Saturday, 27 September 2008

Happy Birthday GOOGLE !

Yup thats right, Google turns 10 .. check out more at


Thursday, 25 September 2008


check it out: a sports car powered on gas and water, with 20-40% better fuel milage than gas powered cars, and nearly zero emissions. plus, it looks amazing.
from their website...

"Ronn Motor Company, Inc. (“Company” or “RMC”) is a publicly traded automotive design and manufacturing company formed to build premium, Eco friendly, handcrafted automobiles. Our initial project is called the SCORPION, a mid engine, hydrogen fuel injected hybrid, competing in the exotic car segment. It will feature the latest in engine technology from Acura®, utilizing the new aluminum and magnesium V-Tech, Type S V-6 motor. This engine produces nearly 300 horsepower stock and with our twin turbo option, over 450 horsepower. The Scorpion will feature our new and exclusive Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) fuel delivery system. The system provides Hydrogen on demand, which is injected directly into the motor. This alternative fuel approach allows us to increase fuel mileage between 20-40 % and reduce CO2 emissions to nearly zero. We will use this automobile as an entry into the automotive market place, providing a platform for other emerging technologies, including Hydrogen fuel cells and electric plug-in hybrid cars. "

how do they do it? check out their website:

Thanks Mike !



Hey i found this pic while surfing the net ... looks great, one huge satellite image of our earth .. HUGE one i mean ;)