Thursday, 3 April 2008

Prince of Persia with Linkin Park : Pushing Me Away

This is one of my most favorite video that I found on the net, so decided to share it with all of you guys. The track is of the world famous band Linkin Park, titled 'Pushes Me Away' (one of my fav. songs) while the video is from the world famous and one of the best games made ever, Prince of Persia Triology. Simply loved this video,not only because POP is my most fav game and I'm a hardcore LP fan, but the song perfectly suits the situation and life of the prince in the game. A must watch for all LP and POP lovers.

Artist : Linkin Park
Track : Pushing Me Away.
Album:Hybrid Theory.
Video :Prince of Persia (Warrior Within and The Two Thrones)

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