Sunday, 2 November 2008

Teenage Disillusionment

All my silly friends out there,
who are living in complete bliss.
Believe me life is unfair,
and soon you are going to find something amiss.

Are you all really that stupid?
To believe in fairy tale romances?
To believe you have been struck by cupid,
and fall pray to flirtatious advances??

However in love don't crush your dreams,
Don't let go of ur ambitious life,
Cuz later u wil kno it was 'infatuation' it seems,
and HELL who told u you'd be his wife?

Stop flaunting that colour red,
and quit floating on cloud nine.
Cuz later u will find ur soul dead,
and it will be the apocalypse of your sunshine.

Shun that feeling from grooming your cheeks,
that feeling which turns you scarlet pink.
Cuz recovering from the downfall will take you weeks,
And into depression you will helplessly sink.

I know that love in you is blaringly rife,
but don't let it get to your heart and head,
Trust me it will completely destroy your life,
leaving you transfixed, depressed and dead.

- Neha D'Souza



Neha Dsouza said...

thanks for putting up my poem
very kind of u!

Anonymous said...

dats really d best poem...damn nice....gud job neha...

sangita said...

dats really d best poem...damn nice....gud job neha...