Sunday, 22 March 2009

Going Vegetarian Saves World Water Supply?

It's not enough that we have to worry about monitoring our energy consumption to reduce global warming, but evidence being released everyday indicates a global water crisis as well. We already know that just one latte from your fave coffee house requires over 50 gallons of water , but are we wasting water by eating meat, too? In honor of World Water Day (that's today), let's investigate.

This article in GOOD magazine claims that producing a pound of chicken requires 287 gallons - a whole 281 MORE than it takes to flush a toilet. Interesting. Their transparency chart depicts just how much water is used by a number of different practices - latte-drinking and meat-eating included.  
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According to this chart, one baked potato = 7 gallons, a pint of beer = 10 gallons, one apple = 18 gallons, 2 eggs = 36 gallons/egg, and shockingly, one pound of beef = 1,500 gallons of water.

Why does so much water go into raising livestock? One odd (and disgusting) reason could be injecting animals with water to increase it's weight.

A global water shortage, in a world where 1 billion people already lack clean drinking water, is definitely bad news. Calculate your water consumption here.



Unknown said...

I'm proud to be a vegetarian (now) :D

Aditya Iyer said...

I'm proud to be a vegetarian (now) :D