Friday, 23 September 2011

Not Today But One Day

Below is a poem written by a Bansalite in November, 2010 during his study at Bansal Classes.

As it was the last day of Bansal Classes.
So I thank B.C. for making thousands of students to wear glasses.
Thanks Bansal for making me to realize where I am weak.
I will work hard, I will encore and one day I will reach the peak.
Today, I don’t have a good batch.
But I have a FIRE.

Today, I don’t have a good cumulative rank.
But I have a DESIRE.
Yes I agree that I don’t belong to the layer of cream.
But I have a DREAM.
I don’t have the “AUKAT” of A-1 Batch today,
But remember “EVERY DOG HAS IT'S DAY”.
So what in there two years at B.C. I don’t become a HERO.
But remember Sachin Tendulkar in his first match scored just a “ZERO”.
Thanks Bansal for making me to realize that life is about hard work and competition.
But one day I will swing this world with my sensation .
One day, I will have that “AUKAT”
You just wait and watch.
Today you don’t find any thing extraordinary in any activity of the mine.
But remember every “Diamond” take some time to shine when it comes out the mine.
Every one say that I have not developed so much as compared to the rest of the masses.
But  I know that I have developed a lot as compared to the first day I arrived at Bansal Classes.
I know for selection in JEE a good batch is very important.
But remember “Students makes batches, Batches does not makes student”.
I promise you, I will be sharper one day, I will be smarter one day, I will be faster one day.
Life is much Bigger than any competition.


Being an ex-student myself this clearly reflects what most of us faced and everyone else in general. Thanks to Jitendra and BCPL for these beautiful words. Original can be found here.


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