Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Blogging with BlogAdda and HP

That was simply to get your attention and honestly I had my eyes there too :P

So on a fine sunday afternoon of 9/9/12 I arrived At Fat Cat, the venue for a bloggers' meet by BlogAdda with HP, printers and #hp-inkadvantage (the hyphen by me as one can read it so wrong the first time you know) being the central theme of the meet. Well as most time (am I just being modest here?) I was the first one to arrive with the just the HP guys waiting (yeah before the organizers too) :P

 You don't say?

Pretty soon I was welcomed by the BlogAdda team (or should I say the other way around?) - Nirav Sanghavi, creator of the same, lovely smiling hostess Sagrika, and cheerful Narayan and Harish.
I even got a prize for being the first one to arrive (even before anyone came in or the meet started, now that is something) :D

Pretty soon the restaurant was filled many familiar blogger faces and new (to me) alike. It kicked off with Sagrika welcoming everyone, announcing the afternoon's agenda and starting off the giveaways and prizes with mentioning mine, oh yeah. There were various goodies for max tweets, best writing and different categories but the best tweet would win a HP printer worth ~10k INR!

 The grand prize of the day

So everyone of us got 10 minutes to come up with a creative introduction of ourselves using any one of more of 5 key words given: Home, Affordable, Friendly, Wireless & one more which I don't recall since I didn't use it, and the best ones would fetch a prize. Ok from here onwards pretty much everything could get you one so I'm not gonna keep mentioning it (you'll get it moreover later) Pretty soon everyone introduced themselves, ranging from some simple one liners to artistic poetry.

After this fun time of ice breaking, we were given a presentation on HP printers, latest releases, some insight on their working, common misconceptions followed by a Q&A, and views by the participants and their experiences. Well today most of us use printers for various purposes either indirectly or directly from our homes, and having one is pretty dam convenient for emergencies. And for the delight of the HP fellas, I have one (pretty old) HP inkjet printer too.

With this done, we were in for a game of "Jenga" which comprises of a tower of blocks and at every turn one had to be pulled without the structure collapsing. The person before the one screws up wins so you do it properly and hope the next person screws up. It was fun and my group seemingly performed the best I should say (really), considering there was an engineer and one in the making (me) in my group :D

After some hours of insight and fun, I was really hungry now and was really glad at the sight of (good) food. Heck I was not the only one, my plate was empty before we were asked how was the food and to enjoy it :P


Then it came time for the winners of various categories. Janaki won for maximum no. of tweets, Hemant won for his awesome intro, Blogwati Gee won for wearing perfect HP colours and many more. The grand winner of the day was Nelton who won the printer, no regret personally I already own 2 printers both in dust and not in use. But hey who wouldn't want to win one, would use it because I won it! When I thought I was one of the poor souls who didn't win anything (that too our table was the luckiest, every dam person won something) I realized I was the dam first one to win a book for being the early bird. :P Alas my pic getting my prize not uploaded :(

The lucky table

Nirav awarding Blogwati Gee her prize of HP goodies for her being the perfect HP mascot

 Nelton nabbing the grand prize and being shown the most affection and concern his life till 'he' reached home safety :P

So in all a sweet intimate awesome (my first) bloggers meet with BlogAdda with a small celebration of BlogAdda completing 5 years. 5th Anniversary ahoy!

 BlodAdda turns 5

Sweet cake by Blogwati Gee for all of us

 BlogAdda team cutting 'birthday' cake

Kudos to the team and the HP guys for making it possible.
All photo credits to Deepak's Magic Eye, Blogwati Gee and Harish from BlogAdda
 Looking forward to more!

Looking at all of us and the venue - 'At Fat Cat'. How appropriate haha :P

Until next time.




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