Monday, 3 September 2007

Around the campus ..... Miscellaneous

Finally after a long day,(and the best day for us) after having lunch, we guys were free to do anything we pleased ... yeah provided not to wreck the place apart ! :)

There was a cricket match going on .... playing using crazy balls and table tennis rackets ...

Things didn't end that way .... lot later went out to stroll to experience and enjoy the pleasant nature there which we normally don't find in our city lives ...

Spooky isn't it ? :)

Now what do you got to say ?

Then after a while some 10 - 15 of us in the up floor of the lounge we had a tremendous PILLOW FIGHT !!! yeah had so much of fun that now all started gathering around there ... some of us later chilling out ....

From left: Khannan, Anindya, Myself, Dharmik, Kedar

Same as above ... just Anand is an addition while Khannan is missing :)

Akshit, Myself, Kedar

Thats Kedar entertaining himself and all the others with my cell ..............

Then came the swimming part ... you got to have a look at this ....

And in the end, was the 'photo' session .... all taking pics of each other ..... while muching tasty vada-pavs .... in fact there was a competition going on among us , winners eating away about 10 vada pavs .... :)

Nature's Boy ......

Me again sleeping on a hammock until sir comes in :) .......

Sir Anthony


Akshit jumbled in his own wind sheeter ! :D

Dharmik Posing away ...

Me ready to SLEEP !!!

Some of my good buddies .... Dhanraj to my left, Subhadeep to my right, Mayuresh on top and Jaydev trying to peek in this pic :)


Thats Mrs.Prabha, our 8th std. class teacher ... most of us together here

Thats how the day ended .... went back by bus .... lot of fun that time too ... all ended well
[ when i'm the photographer around, what can go wrong ? :) ]


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