Saturday, 1 January 2011

Another year gone by... another end, another beginning!

 So another year has come to an end, full of times filled with happiness & sadness, excitement & boredom, success & failure, life & death, a beginning or an end! Another year in my growing up decade as ended. So many things have happened in this duration of time. Such a time is filled with much anticipation. Although on a personal note it doesn't much make a difference, but this is a time to let go of the past and look into the future. (though this is applicable 365 days of the year 24/7, but still this time creates the excitement for the change)

  Every year of our life is filled with events both small and largely significant. Every year around this time I ponder what I have achieved so far in life, and what is gonna happen as time passes? We always wish everyone a 'Happy New Year' and on any other occasion but how happy are we exactly? Thinking about what is gonna happen next is truly mind itching, can be exciting and full of optimism yet frightful and filled with doubt.

 What is that makes this 'New Year' occasion special? Isn't it not just a transition of just another day/month/year? It will happen always, nothing exclusive about it. Whats so special about the earth completing a one cyclic journey around the sun? Come to think of it even I think, or rather though the same. I never celebrate my own birthday (I know sounds so uncool) so this New Year is out of the question.

 But in reality it is indeed special. Not for most of the reasons and wished said by people but actually its more than meets the eye. For an average person its time for celebration with family and friends, parties and fireworks, feasting and dancing, spending time together with people who mean to you in your life (and many who don't, well at this point its just that the realization takes time to come). In a sense the whole world is connected with this event, irrespective of location, nationality, religion, liking etc. and all those points based on which other occasions exist. This might be the single and only event till now which is rejoiced by everyone around the globe in unison. That is the specialty of this - New Year.

 Sounds good and nice, doesn't it? Bust sadly thats not entirely true. All this maybe applicable to 'everyone' but not exactly in entire sense. Here who are this 'everyone' in the world? It only comprises of the educated, so called 'civilized' people, people who have a house to live and who can feed for themselves living a normal and above life style. What about those who don't fit into this category? While we enjoy, what about those farmers who toil everyday for their daily bread? Beggars lying on the road waiting for something to happen (most probably die) someday?

 What difference does it make to such people? Why even 'normal' people among us who has faced a tragedy like a huge loss or death among loved ones? At such times would we care if if any event is actually happening or not? (In reality many go 'oh crap my ___ got ruined thanks to this!')

 So keeping in mind that there are those who are not (blessed/fortunate or whatever you like to call it) like us, shit can happen anytime, and to live life with meaning,full satisfaction and happiness, working towards your goal and reaching there successfully, and hoping to live in a world worth living, wishing everyone and especially those like me who are too busy not doing anything special :D

another Happy New Year 2011


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