Thursday, 3 January 2013

A letter to my 100 year old self

Howdy old man-me
This might be strange, even for a person who talks to oneself, as hitting a decent 50 itself is a feat, let alone a 100. But here I am, writing this to you.

Questions, questions. How has the past 8 decades served you? That might be too much to account for perhaps, in general how are you doing? Are your legs still carrying you everywhere with strength? What about the beard and (or should I ask ‘or’) hair, are they still intact? I’m wondering if you are Gandalf the White now.

So how is retired life going? I’m wondering when did you finally found out what you loved to do with your life, when and how you went about it, did you chose that path or found what you love at all? Or are you even retired, because some people only retire after death, and I hope you are one of them. Whichever path you chose, I hope you are contended and happy, as you always knew that only such a life would make sense to live for, or die searching for it, as then it would not be a wasted life.
Coming to people, what about those around you? I hope you are surrounded by people who love you for you are and not just what you do. And that you love them back. Is your once beautiful wife now wrinkled wife who has been tolerating your insanity for decades doing well? How are your children? How many beautiful grandchildren or great-grandchildren do you have? How is the sister? Is she still around screaming as she always does? What about old friends and young ones with whom you share your laughs and drinks with? I hope everyone around you is well.

I always thought family life wasn’t for the like of us, as we were never known for being a peoples person, polite or having deep human connection or attachment. Whether you are a king of the people, or a lone ranger, you must be a master in your own right.
Coming to more of the world, how much has the world changed? Do you or used to drive a flying car? Do people there know what is paper and ink? Do everyone talk with holograms just like we used to watch in star wars in the 20th century? Do the young people there think of Batman as a legend? Are people completely human? Cyborgs, human augmentation is helping people to live better, maybe even you? Have we made contact with alien species? What is the population of India and the world? Heck where in the world are you to begin with?

Ah I can go on full day like this! It’s funny to think that just 10 years ago we would never have imagined what we have achieved today and our way of living, thinking back to the last century can make one go nuts. Although I’m very much excited to see the world from where you are today, I’m very cool for time to go it’s course as I’m in no hurry at the same time.
So much for your old rusty 20th century brain to take which has tolerated most of the 21st century and hopefully will see the 22nd too. So let me lighten it by giving you flashbacks 80 years prior (just like we see in the movies/tv/video games, now I wonder how have they changed in your time)
I’m just less than 2 months away from turning 21, and in all honestly I doubt I have turned into a better person in the last 2 decades of my life. Only things of significant change is perhaps the hair all over my head (and body which I don’t need to get into specifics though) and belly with beer and junk. You must be laughing right now at me wondering of my moment of realization and life turnover. I still have no clue of it or what I want for myself. As my life long idol once said “You can only connect the dots looking backwards. So keep looking. Don’t Settle.” I hope you are able to say that now, as I will have to wait for the same.

Some things are great while many others are really fucked up most significantly which you very well know. Being on a one year vacation, and half of it already over, still at step zero. Things at home/college and almost everywhere are lame as you might be remembering by now. I’m wondering whether mother and pops were proud of what you did with your life and accepted you and your decisions as now that doesn’t seem to be the case. At all. Not that we ever cared of anyways. Always the rebel right?

Recently the house had its 7th computer come in and I dread to think how many more must be in your/my possession in 80 years now. Career, health in downfall, great movies/games, me still chilling, trying to be optimistic/realistic despite the shit, mother makes great chocolates (don’t cry now, just saying), nothing great in Bombay (don’t know what it’s called otherwise at other times) and things are worse in India, and the world is pathetic with most delusional people. Sometimes I think even I come in that.

I wish to know more about the future since that is very intriguing, anybody saying otherwise is just lying. Although as much as I wish I could, waiting (and acting while at it) is all I can do now and surprises are always cool right? Otherwise there would be no fun. Besides most people (perhaps even me) would rather correct the past than find out about the future, though even that is not possible.I try to live with the past teaching me, not defining me and the future as a gift, not a target.
I hope to see you the world you see from your shoes. Have a story of my own for the world to hear. Or just look in the sun with inner peace. Actually both. Just hope I don’t get myself killed, but if you are reading this, I’ll make it alright (just saying).

Here is to the next 80 years of our lives.


Originally posted on my other blog here. Within 2 days I failed of my thing to write short posts there as opposed to more exhaustive ones here, but hey that's not a bad thing right?



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