Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Beginning

As I said earlier, while new years don't mean anything to me but this time I decided to start a new second blog via which I would write more frequently. I will continue with my exhaustive posts here as I've been blogging here for over 5 years and because of this blog so much has happened in my life. Guess this is one of those few things which I have a bit of sentiment and heck I don't even properly (in the technical sense) own it, dam.

I bought my own domain for my second blog which is powered by wordpress which you can check at

Being fairly new to this domain (no pun intended) lets see how it works out. For now some things are great while some others are really fucking ridiculous, but well atleast even at this stage I still maintain blogger is still the slightly better platform for blogging than wordpress, but both are great. I just hate it when you have to pay for every dam think, soon one day we'll have "please insert coin if you want to unlock the door and have a piss." For the sake of humanity!



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